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Best Mother's Day Presents 2019

By Zara Khan March 24, 2019 0 comments

Best Mother Day Present 2019

Best Mother's Day Presents 2019



In this blog, I am going to talk to you about a few Points about Mother's Day.


  •  What is Mother's Day?
  • Why is it so Important?
  • Is 1 Day Enough?
  • Why it Only Comes Once a Year?
  • What are the best Present or Gifts for your Mum?




What is Mothers Day?

Mother's day is basically 1 day where we reconsign our mothers and what they have done for us. We do a bunch of nice things or give them gifts on that day. It could be your birth mother or the one that had raised you. Both deserve this day and MUCH MORE!

 Bonsai Trees


Why is it so Important?

In my opinion, why this day, in particular, is important is that our mothers brought you me into this world. In some cases under very hard and difficult situations. They decide and bare that life-changing decision and bring us into this world. So to honor and give them a drop of recognition of love and respect is very important.


Mother day blog pic Almas Collections

Is 1 Day Enough?

My question to is, do you think this is wrong just to celebrate 1 day a give them one day of gratitude. After all, if you look at it realistically your mother kept you inside her womb for 9 months+ as you were growing the amount of discomfort she must have felt. As well as the time of your birth, the pain she must have felt would have been unbearable to any man. Then in most causes looking after you, taking you to school hugging you when your upset. The list is endless. what I trying to say is 1 DAY TO CELEBRATE HER ENOUGH?

My personal opinion a lifetime of doing nice things for your mum is even not enough to say thank you. We actually only realize the true importance of a mother. when sadly they are no more in this world. It is sad and in most cases very true, 


 Best mother's day gift 2019

Why it Only Comes Once a Year?

Sadly it only comes once a year. But it really doesn't have to be! Who says you really need to celebrate 1 day or on a particular day. We can do nice things every day for our mothers it doesn't mean you need to buy something big, expensive every day. A nice gesture or making time for them is the best present you can give them especially when they are old and don't have anyone to look after them. As they looked after us in our time of need. See we are all guilty of forgetting that and in most cases just by giving them one day we think we have done something they should be grateful. In fact, we should be the ones grateful that we got a chance to do something for them. Just think about it if you have kids and they see that you really don't care about your mother. Would they treat you with respect? In most cases NO! We have only our selves to blame.

So let's make an effort to really do something heartfelt every day for our mothers. In fact, let's take action NOW! While you are reading this call or talk to your mum if she has not sadly passed away. Just tell her that YOU LOVE HER and THANK YOU! this is a first and small step.



What are the best Present or Gifts for your Mum?


The question that every son or daughter asks What are the best Present or Gifts for your Mum?


Well here are few personal favorites that I know a mother would love from their children.

If you are looking for jewelry then nothing best Real 925 Sterling Silver jewelry.  Click here for my blog to help you with your choice. Or to choose other types of jewelry click here Mother's Day Jewelry


Best Real Sterling Silver jewlery for Mother's Day 2019


If you are looking for something nothing best Long Parka Women Coats and Jackets.  Click here for my blog to help you with your choice.


So, in conclusion, your mum is the best part of your life. So don't ignore take the opportunity to enjoy her company. Love her as much as she loves you.



Please comment and let me know your views.



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