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BOHO Chic Fashion - How to Become bohemian Goddess? from Almas Collections

BOHO Chic Fashion - How to Become bohemian Goddess?


One of the most stunning and feminine fashion that exists as a trend in the world of fashion is the bohemian one, which forms a vital part of the fashion lines of several brands. Formerly, the etymology of the word goes to the land of Bohemia, having situated on the territory of the current day the Czech Republic. Longing for freedom and year to break whole the accepted laws and dogmatic stereotypes of the world surrounding them, the carriers of the philosophy created an extremely specific and, indeed, exclusive style, serving as an irreplaceable source of inspiration even these days.

If you also to be a BOHO goddess, ensure you know entire the style tips and laws on how to wear the bohemian chic fashion trend!

This year is more about getting your individual, essentials which can underline your real individuality. Include something that has your individual history, I mean, it can be watched from your childhood, a pendent of your grandmother, or even a patch on your outfit taken from your old dresses.

Historically, bohemian is quite is young chic style, having originated as such in the 1960s. so it is the style of the artists, the fashion of free and elegant people and only the style of those, who wish to be free!

If we were to describe the bohemian mood as such probably we'd utilize descriptive information like openness to the world. The regular search of new discoveries and inventions, the longing towards all that is beautiful and artistic and elegant and the absolutely free and at the similar time harmonious inner globe are what the bohemian style is really shaped with.

It is like taking the finest details and shapes from many other styles and fashion years. Have you ever tried mixing and matching your most favorite formal and party dress, so why do not you take it to the high level and try a similar thing with mixing various style?

Believed me, the showcases BOHO chic style fashions, style, and products will make you look great this year. Personally, associate BOHO tends with the summer season. So, believe it or not, but there are many basic ideas on how to make this fashion work for you!

I gathered one of my favorite BOHO outfits, BOHO jewelry and many other accessories that are perfect for creating an ideal BOHO chic look.


BOHO Chic Fashion - How to Become bohemian Goddess?


Boho Chic Fashion ideas

Each and every showcased piece looks comfortable, casual and simple to wear. Be sure to look for long or lose outfits, jewelry, and others several other ladylike basic that’ll keep you chic and cool.

Be ready to try on new ethnic BOHO print dashiki style body con club outfits. These are the perfect creations for every BOHO addicted lady. The stunning print will make you look sophisticated and real timelessly chic no matter if it as a day or night.

My next favorite is party Vestidos BOHO outfit. This sweet looking dress much has for those who’re in life with BOHO chic fashion trends. It is a versatile wardrobe staple that can be updated with bohemian jewelry pieces and sexy heels. In other words, it is must-have for holidays and weekends wear. If you wish to experiment with your separates then idea way is to try on Square neck Floral Bohemian Dashiki outfits. Decent fits have a special vibe that makes you look stunningly hot and sexy.

You can wear boho jewelry to fulfill your charming look. You can also style it with your most favorite boho essentials, plus it is a perfect cover for parties, events and music festivals.


BOHO Chic Fashion - How to Become bohemian Goddess?


Bohemian accessories

Now it is time to speak about some bohemian accessories. The first I wanted to mention is a boho Vintage Round Resin stone set. There's stunning looking design to carry with your boho party dress. Be a modern boho chic to wear this jewelry with your favorite outfits.

One more essential product is a boho pendant. It is a must-have for a true boho lover. I advise you to look for a bit simple style in natural shades; it has to harmonize with your boho dress. The last but not the least is the necklaces. It’s a finishing touch to any boho wardrobe. It has to be bold, stunning and chunky.


BOHO Chic Fashion - How to Become bohemian Goddess?


The Main Elements of the Boho chic Style

In this part we can speak about several peculiar characteristic aspects that boho-chic fashion is especially noted for, between which the keys are:

Multilayers textured

The utilization of fabrics like velvet, silk, fur, linen, leather, suede, cotton, etc.

Comfort in all, especially regarding shoes, that are conventionally made with not many high heels, on wedges or platform.

The lavish amount of boho accessories, including sunglasses, belts, necklaces, pendant, pearls, earrings and much more.

Natural colors and tons. This rapidly implies the lack of neon shades.

The existence of floral checks, pattern, ethnic-inspired prints, and grade style accents.

High waist designs flare looks, fringes, large accessories, lace, long dress, maxi skirts, knitted details and many more.

You should not include more than 4 shades in combos if the garments you select are already catchy and designed of some attention-grabbing texture and materials. You might, therefore, utilize tons like gray, beige, black, or brown as main options, spicing them with red, purple, or golden shades.

For some more romantic feels, the application of soft and light fabrics like lace and chiffon is descriptive. Forma designs, ribbons, and bows are also a fine way of creating dreamy and romantic images. The inclination towards vintage looks is noticeable in this respect.

Ethnic looks or nomad outfits play a big part in creating an ideal boho-chic fashion in 2019. But be careful and do not overdo with it, otherwise, you might look like a desperate bum. For further tips about fashion and accessories visit our website, Where you can find an endless range of fashion accessories to shop according to your taste!


BOHO Chic Fashion - How to Become bohemian Goddess?


Check out for yourself NOW Boho Chic Fashion


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