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My Makeup Recommendations 2019


This blog is to help you make the right beauty and health choice that is perfect for you!


These are the products we have tested and reviewed and what I think is a real must have for any girl on a mission to look beautiful and healthy.

I know that we girls do not like cheap makeup that says all wonderful things, but when it comes to the action it is a 0 in that department! This is why we have tested all of the makeup products here. So we know what works and what doesn't giving you only the best products that you will ever need.

I personally like vegan makeup products and really don't fancy the ideal of wearing makeup that uses or has been tested on animals or plants. I feel very strongly about it.

Next best thing is organic or eco friendly because lets face it Nature and the our world are beautiful. just like us.

Would we destroy our selves?

You want Skin Friendly makeup then make the right choice


Now let me tell you why these products are the ones to buy!

They are the best in what they were created for, whether it be for skin, eyes or just to make you look a bit more sexier.


Our first amazing product.

Drum Roll please! ;)



New Limited Edition Miss Rose 190 Colours Make Up Set

  • This is a exclusive and personal favorite of mine. It has 190 colours made with organic powered makeup made for Almas Collections customers. With crazy colour choices you will never get tired of this.


Exclusive 190 colours makeup set from Almas Collections


New 24 pcs Makeup Brushes Tools 100% Vegan Make Up Artist Kit


  • This is a must have for any girl that loves makeup and looking gorgeous. I got this and the fact this is such of high quality. It caters to Vegans and is eco friendly is a real plus in my book. 

24 pcs vegan Makeup Brushes from Almas Collections


New Makeup Set Box Professional 78 Color Make Up Sets from Almas Collections


  • Best professionally used makeup set that money can buy! My most favorite because of quality of the product and it's price. I highly recommend buy!


New Organic Essential Oil for Diffusers

  • You came from work all tried, now want to just relax then you need this with it's 6 organic scents Rose, Lemon grass, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang and Rose Mary. A great long lasting and smoothing smell.

New Wood Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • This is the best aromatherapy ultrasonic humidifier because of it's advance technology that dissipates the oil more leaving less waste. It also radiates warm and soothing colours that help you relax. 


Essential Oils Humidifier from Almas Collections


  • This is best skin care cream for all skin types and i personally use it. It helps reduce wrinkles and makes you feel refreshed. Can be used by men and women. Yes, before you ask. I have tested this on my husband first and it worked on him. After all what are husbands for LOL! ;P


 Organic eco friendly clay mask from Almas Collections



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