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The Best Azan Watch of 2019

By Omair Kushtiwala February 21, 2019 0 comments

New Almas Collections Stainless Steel Dual Time Azan Watch


The Best Azan Watch of 2019


Why is the New Almas Collections Stainless Steel Dual Time Azan Watch is the The Best Azan Watch of 2019?


The answer is simply that it was designed with Muslims in mind. Because Muslims need to pray 5 times a day. The problem that most people have these days is that they have more busy lifestyles and sometimes forget or miss their Namaz. This watch allows people to perform their prayers on time.

Here I will tell you it’s key features and how it is so user-friendly as well as a beautiful watch to look at and wear.


How does it look and feel?


I have this watch my self and it is flawless to look at, extremely well made with only quality in every aspect from its’ design to the high-grade stainless steel used. It comes in 3 gorgeous colours Gold, Black, and Silver.

The designers used Swiss technology for internal workings. It is the perfect men watch and it has a large stylish dial so that it is easy to read. It feels great on the wrist not heavy and cumbersome. It actually feels like you are wearing a real Rolex that was specially made for you in mind.


The Best Azan Watch of 2019



How does this watch work?


It does it by allowing the user to program the timings according to the country they live in and in the languages English and Arabic. I come with a user manual and is very user-friendly.

It has a compass that is integrated within the watch digitally so that you can always find the direction of the Kaba.

You can set normal time and the Namaz time with 1-30 mins alarm reminder, which is very useful that I have found. You can set the date and it has a background light that allows you to see in the dark. It is water resistant great for when you are performing Wudu (ablution)


 The Best Azan Watch of 2019


Why is it such a perfect watch as a gift or for your self?


This the best watch for brothers and sisters that do not want to miss out on their Namaz. Because it was carefully thought out instead of just what I have seen having Arabic letters or numbers displayed on a watch and calling it a watch for Muslims. It comes in a gift box with a user manual that is easy to understand. It is practical, useful and works in everyday life. I have had this for now 6 months and nothing has gone wrong with it so far.

The Best Azan Watch of 2019 



I think New Almas Collections Stainless Steel Dual Time Azan Watch is best Azan Watch of 2019 in my personal opinion is the first watch that I can honestly say I have enjoyed wearing and using. It has helped me in reminding me the time for Namaz is near. So it has and continues to fulfill what it has been made for and at the same time looks amazing just like a real Rolex. It is the perfect gift for Eid or any occasion coming in a gift box. A really useful present that the person will love and keep for a very long time.


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