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Turkish Rings

By Omair Kushtiwala March 16, 2020 0 comments

Turkish Rings

Turkish Rings by Almas Collections

Why Turkish rings are so popular?

Because of Turkey’s ancient history of handmade jewelry and generations of small family-owned businesses. The art of sterling silver crafting and making of beautiful handcrafted aqeeq rings was passed down from elders to the young generations. Using traditional techniques without the use of modern technology. Men and women who love real high-quality sterling silver jewelry. They would buy from Turkey whenever they came to visit.


A brief history

Here I will give you a brief history of when the real Turkish jewelry industry had started.


The real Turkish Jewellery industry had started in 1526 and that there were 90 jewelry artisans working for the Sultan. But the real peak came in the 16th century, with the use of gold, silver, and other precious stones.


As time went by technology and ideas became more advance, ornate using extreme colour combinations. A new idea was to give the stone more importance and the design was made to high light the stones unique beauty. Unlike European jewelry, this was fully explored by the Ottomans which were fascinated by real semi-precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. The demand had increased as the Ottoman Empire expanded. Then as western countries started to hunger for Ottoman jewelry western trends led to an increase in the size of the gem. This made them even more popular and very fashionable.


The best type of aqeeq rings.

The best type of aqeeq rings is black onyx, tiger stone, pearl, green agate, red agate sapphires and so on. Why are they the best well it is simple most of these stones hold some significance in most religions i.e. Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism. It is also used to help focus on a person's energy while they are meditating.


Here are a few examples of Turkish stone rings their benefits.


Black Onyx

The benefits of wearing black onyx stone rings are it gives powerful protection by absorbing negative energy and helps the draining of one's personal energy. It also aids the development of emotional, stamina and physical stress. It comes into its own when in times of need for example grief, stress or confusion.



Green Agate

The benefits of wearing Green stones rings such as emerald or agate is it helps with improved and focused thinking and clearer way of thought and helps the wear make better decisions in life.



Red Agate

The benefits of wearing Red agate or red coral stone rings are that it aids to strengthen the inner balance in one's self. It also keeps away negative energy and converts negative into positive. Making the wearer a lot more confident.



The benefits of wearing pearl rings are the wearer can feel the positive energies being born in his or her body, it also helps fortify psyche and allows the advancing of one's state of mind and body.


Sapphires or Neelam Stone

The benefits of wearing sapphire stone rings it helps to gain instant wealth helps to increase good luck and solve problems. It holds a lot of power and it can bring the wearer wealth, fame, good health, long life, happiness, prosperity and a sense of fulfillment.


Tiger Stone

The benefits of wearing sapphire stone rings are that they bring good luck and protect the wearer from ill wishes or evil thoughts. It also helps to heal and reduces chronic pains, improves the strength of the spine and detoxes the body.



If you are really looking for high-quality stone rings that have been made using real quality stones and master craftsmanship that has been passed down from generations, it is better to pay a bit more in my opinion for a ring that you will be happy with for years to come. Because it is not every day you will decide to buy a ring that will benefit you are a person that you are buying for. It makes a perfect gift that has lasting value and benefits.



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